How to create / edit a Quotation

Menu link: Reach this Page from Enquiry Report for executives or Enquiry Report for Managers Reach this Page from Follow Up Report for executives or Follow Up Report for Managers You can also reach this page from Quotation -> List Quotation Enter Quotation Title Select Product Select Price Category Enter Price Enter Quantity Select Tax Type Click here to save Quotation Details More resources How to Approve Pending Quotation How to View Quotation Details How […]

How to Approve Pending Quotation

Menu Link:Quotation -> Approval Pending List On Performing Quotation Entry, if the value of Value Addition is less than the value of profit margin(profit margin value in master configuration), the quotation will be pending and the details will be shown above. If you click to view link, the pending quotation details will be shown as below. If you click Approve Button, the pending quotation will be Approved. If you click DisApprove Button, the pending quotation […]