ERP Solutions for startups and small companies


Startups or SMEs have always had troubles finalizing the approach to manage their businesses. Most small firms end up saying, “ERP is too much for my business.”

Well, as a matter of fact, no business is small enough for an ERP usage. It is a misperception that ERP is for large companies.
Your company may be operating out of a tiny shed, with a team of only 3 people, and you may be the whole and soul of your business. An ERP comes to your help here.

An ERP essentially helps you streamline your business, bringing in efficiency and effectiveness at all points in your business.
When it comes to small or medium Sales and service agencies, their requirements of ERP solutions are even more specific. They do not need the comprehensive tools from the big companies, costing a fortune.

A company’s Sales Funnel is an important part where the leads and conversion come into picture. An ERP solution specially designed for the stages of the Sales Funnel is the perfect solution.

What are the Benefits of using a Sales and Service ERP for a Startup or a Small Enterprise?

1. Reduced Turnaround Time

With all information available at the click of a button, your employees feel empowered to take actions and decisions.
When you employees are able to track latest updates on customers, products, categories, inventories, sales and so on, they are able to operate efficiently and effectively. This reduces the turnaround time, the time when a task is generated to the time when the service is ready to be delivered to the customer.

2. Advanced Technology

Startups and Small Firm need the best modern technology. This is to ensure that they get the most from the investment they make. Startups and SMEs specifically need multi-tenant Cloud ERP solutions. These are the most powerful enterprise technology and also are cost effective.

3. Affordable Technology

You cannot expect a Startup or a small enterprise to dry out their resources on procuring expensive ERP solutions.
A true Cloud SAAS ERP solution is what a startup or a small firm would need.

4. Scalable Packages

There is never a point in switching between ERP solutions. Once you have an ERP, you always want to continue with the system. A perfect Cloud SAAS ERP solution will come with regular free updates, saving you the need to buy other software.

5. The Perfect Solution

What a typical Startup or a small firm would need is a ready-to-use canned solution, with little touches of customization, wherever required.

Celexsa Technologies’ Sales2Service ERP Solution is a one-stop solution for a typical start-up or a Small firm that is into sales and service industry. From inventory, to managing leads, from sales to service contracts, the module has it all. A ready-to-deploy, super economical Cloud SAAS Sales and Service ERP Solution, it is the perfect platform to approach.