Enquiry Management

Effectively and efficiently manage Enquires to maximize lead conversions.
Record all enquiries, plan follow-up schedules, assign lead accountability, and update enquiry status.

Manage Customers and Contacts

  • Manage unlimited Leads
  • Plan Follow-ups, schedule Actions and strategize
  • Convert Leads through planned follow-ups
  • Operated like a CRM application


  • Create detailed records of Enquiries
  • Generate Enquiries from existing Clients or prospects
  • Note source of enquiry for strategic analysis and decision making
  • Allocate Executives to Enquiries instantly

Schedule Follow-ups

  • Plan and track Follow-ups of each enquiry
  • Allocate Executives to each account
  • Check Executive availability and plans
  • Assign actions to each account
  • Record status updates on each account
  • Generate Reports for Follow-ups

Pending Follow-ups

  • Track pending follow-ups for which the status was not updated
  • Add further actions to close accounts
  • Track Executive Allocation, Performance, Remark to make decisions
  • Continuous tracking till account closed

Access Controls

  • Control who can access Scheduled Follow-Ups
  • Confine responsible Sales executives with their respective Follow-Ups
  • Grant Permission based access rights to other Sales Executives
  • Safeguard against tampering of plans, schedules or any other information

Complete History

  • Track enquiries over a period of time
  • View the complete history for any enquiry to assist in decision making
  • Schedule fresh Follow-ups or analyze actions assigned at follow-ups
  • Track Remarks, Quotations shared, Stores Requests made, to get insights for decision making

Change Enquiry Status

  • Make continuous updates on the enquiries
  • Enlist enquiries as Lost or Wait
  • Enquiries lead to a sale, turn into Won Enquiries by default
  • Generate compiled reports