Quotations – Sales and Service Contracts

Generate, track and manage Quotes. Follow-up on quotes for approvals, disapprovals or pending statuses.
Loop in Client representatives in the process. Skip process and steps for routine purchases, as and when required.

Build Multiple Quotations

  • Build multiple quotations for a single enquiry
  • Build new quotation by just copying the existing one and making changes in it
  • Make quick decisions in revising and sending quotes
  • Record quotes for future reference and documentation purposes

Customer Approval for Quotation

  • Get instant approval from the Client in the application itself
  • Client can directly click the Approve button to pass the quote
  • Auto generated email sent to client informing of the quote

Quotations in PDF format

  • Quotes built in pdf format
  • Can be downloaded
  • Multiple versions and files can be created

Emailing Quotation

  • Email the quotation to the customer contact
  • Send the PDF format as an attachment
  • Tag important officials or team members in these emails

Bypass Customer Approval

  • Adjust transactions with routine customers
  • Bypass customer approval for a quotation, if the customer demands it
  • Control access for executives
  • Can restrict executives or some users from accessing any quote based information

Track Quotations With Approvals Pending

  • Create Stores Requests or Service Contracts in one single click
  • Track all pending approvals on quotes sent
  • Build detailed reports giving status update on the enquiry, quotation sent, remarks, for effective tracking