Why You should Go for Sales2Service?

sales2service - One Stop Solution

One Stop Solution

You would get to manage Product Inventory, Sales Enquiries and Invoicing, Service Contracts, Complaints and Billing, all in one software. Most of the software would either deal with Inventory and Sales or with Service alone, but not all three.

Cloud Based

Best of all, this software is available in the internet, throughout the year, without disruption. And you and your business executives could access this software from anywhere in the world. All the data about your business is available to you at the click of a button.

Sales2service- Cloud Based
Sales2service-data security

Data Security and Backup

You could rest assure that your data is secure from hackers and third-party businesses. We have been in this business since 2003 and have developed several online applications for several companies. None of their site or data was compromised or hacked into.

We are proud of the fact that we follow stringent security measures, so that your data is really secure. And also, none of your executives can access your contacts or sales information, unless you provide them with the access.

So your data is also secure, even if it is available online. And we take daily backups of your data. The data could be restored within 8 hours of data loss due to fire or unforeseen natural calamity.

Value Purchase

There is absolutely no cost involved for buying costly dedicated servers or internet lines. You don’t have to pay for the hardware maintenance team or pay heavy monthly bills for using the servers. You would be using Sales2Service for less than $1 per day.

Sales2Service- Zero cost
Sales2service-unlimited purchase

Unlimited Purchase

We do not restrict in any way the number of products you could store or the number of customers you can manage. You will have unlimited storage space and can manage millions of transactions like Enquiries, Quotations, Bills, Follow-ups, etc.

Upgrades and Updates

You will get free access to all our upgrades that we make on this software to make it better for the users. Any updates or new features that we add is instantly available to you, wherever you are located. We have a dedicated team ready to work on any issues that might arise in this application.

Upgrades and Updates
S2S- Responsive features

Responsive Design, Offline Access and Much More

In the future, we would be launching mobile phone compatible application, which you could access it for free. And if more customers join us, we have plans to develop an offline version of this application to manage your customers. We could also integrate Lead capturing and Service complaints in your website, which could directly get stored in your Sales2Service account.