With Sales2service, you will make the most out of your Quotes. How?

Here is how;


Manage Quotations Dispersal

  • Track all the quotations sent at one time.
  • Get compiled reports on the Quotations sent and status by Enquiry No., Account Name, Quotation Prepared by, Number of Revisions done to the Quotation and the Net Amount quoted.
  • View the quotations at the spot.

Track Quotations and Customer Approvals

  • Track who is building Quotations for each product.
  • View the Quotations sent.
  • Get Response from the Client as Approved, Unapproved, and Disapproved.
  • Incorporate recent negotiations on the quote and revise the quote.
  • Email the Quotation from the software. Loop in cc, other parties of interest.
  • Update the status of the Enquiries by colour coding them as Approved, Unapproved, Disapproved, Enquiry Won and Enquiry Lost.

Fast Processing of Quotations

  • For Clients who do not want to wait to respond to the quote by themselves, they can allow the Executive to Bypass a Quote.
  • Bypass Quote option saves time when the client wishes to make it fast.
  • The Executive on consultation with the client, can jump a step and bypass a quote for Order placing.


What Our Clients Say

Sales2Service ERP helped me to automate my business and minimize manual works. The reminder feature through SMS & Email is an added advantage for my business.
2K AC Services

2K AC Services

Managing Director

We are greatly impressed by the professional attitude shown by the Celexsa team whether it is the sales department or after-sales support department. There has been excellent support in terms of providing the services well on time.
Comtech Systems

Comtech Systems

Managing Director

Our Clients