Complaint Management

Record and report complaints from prospects and existing customers.
Follow-up each and every complaint till satisfactorily closed. Allocate Executives to accounts, schedule follow-up, communicate complaint status and take all actions necessary.

Record Complaints from Walk-In Customers

  • Accept Customer Complaints/ Service Requests from new clients
  • Set if all Walk-in complaints could be set as billable or not

Record Complaints From Existing Customers

  • Register complaints from existing customers
  • Track the service contract status with the complaint
  • Complaint would show if it is billable or non-billable based on the existing contract with the customer

Billable or Non-Billable

  • When creating a complaint, find out if that complaint is billable or not
  • Also track when that contract is expiring
  • Also check the number of support calls available

Move Product to In-House or To Supplier

  • Move the product from the customer to In-house for servicing
  • Mark the product as send to Supplier for service or replacement
  • Track, update and maintain inventory records instantly for such transactions

Manage Expenses for Follow-ups

  • Keep track of additional expenses made for each service call
  • Record these expenses to be included in the Service bill

Service Estimations

  • Generate Estimations for additional Spares or Services
  • Send the PDF invoice file and email to the customer, automatically
  • Approved Estimations can then be converted to Stores Request and appended to Service Bill

Complaint Type for each Product Category

  • Manage each complaint type for quick and effective management
  • Each product category could have a list of predefined complaints remarks
  • Executives can directly select from a predefined list