Scheduling Follow-Up Calls

Schedule Follow-ups for each enquiry, track and update account status constantly.
Allocate Executives for follow-ups. Track Executive Performance with the leads. Ensure leads conversion through regular follow-ups.

Assign Executives to Schedules

  • Plan follow-ups to get maximum conversion
  • Assign one or more executives to each account
  • Track Executive actions and follow-up performance
  • If needed, allocate other Executives to the same account for faster conversions

Check Executive Availability

  • Check the availability of your executives from the Schedule Calendar
  • Fix a schedule or allocate employees only when the executive is available
  • Manage employee allocation among client meetings effectively
  • Record Executive allocation for analysis and decision making

Assign Executives Based on Zone and Product Category

  • Executives could be shown for a schedule, based on their expertise in a particular product category or reachability in a zone
  • This will help you to assign the Executive who deals the product best

Follow-up Plan and Schedule

  • Track each enquiry with proper follow-up
  • Update remarks for each follow-up
  • Allocate actions to each follow-up
  • Check employee availability for follow-up duties
  • Guides the employees with weekly plans and schedules

Easy Follow-up Closing and Re-Scheduling

  • Track and manage follow-up status from one point
  • Allocated Executives can close follow-ups from any point
  • Executives can update remarks from any point immediately after client meetings
  • Executives can reschedule or change actions from any point
  • Instant communication from executives about client interactions at all points

Location wise and Executive wise Follow-up: Additional Security

  • Users can only see the follow-ups assigned to them
  • Complete access only to the administrator
  • Managers or Exceutives in each location or branch can access leads and follow-ups of their branch and not of other branches
  • Security setups giving complete control to the administrator