With Sales2service, effectively track and manage sales and create Service Contracts. How?

Here is how;

Monitor Direct Sales:

  • Generate Store Request for Sales after Quotation Approval
  • Manage sales details, record direct sales
  • Record detailed information of each sales transaction.
  • Recording my customer details, sales details, enquiry details, product details, Installation charges applicable.
  • Create and Monitor list of quotes with pending approvals.

Recording Invoices

  • Manage detailed records of Invoices.
  • Manage them by date, type, amount, payments received, and payments due.

Sales Returned, Payments Due

  • Manage reports of sales returned with all information.
  • Maintain detailed list of Payments, Statuses, Invoices and so on.

Listen from Jo, how sales2service helped him in his business.

What Our Clients Say

Sales2Service ERP helped me to automate my business and minimize manual works. The reminder feature through SMS & Email is an added advantage for my business.
2K AC Services

2K AC Services

Managing Director

We are greatly impressed by the professional attitude shown by the Celexsa team whether it is the sales department or after-sales support department. There has been excellent support in terms of providing the services well on time.
Comtech Systems

Comtech Systems

Managing Director

Our Clients