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How to create a complaint entry

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How to create a complaint entry?

Steps Explained

  1. Menu Link: Service -> Complaint Entry Complaint Entry
  2. Search and select exiting customer by clicking “Search” button (see image below) or add New Customer by clicking “Add” button . ( How to add new Customer? )
  3. If you have selected an existing customer with valid contract…
    1. All product details will be filled by default.
    2. If the contract is expired then the complaint will be billable,
    3. If the contract is not expired then the complaint is Not Billable,
    4. Even if the complaint is Not Billable, You can make the complaint billable by clicking "Do you want to charge this complaint?"
  4. If you have added a new customer or if you have selected a sales customer
    1. You have to select product details.
    2. The complaint is billable as the contract will be "Per Call".
    3. Select Category
    4. Select product
    5. Enter the Supplier Name
  5. Select Standard Remarks ( How to add Standard complaint remarks? )
  6. Enter the remarks
  7. If you want to assign the complaint to an executive for follow-up, Click “Assign New Schedule” check-box and schedule an executive. Please view on how to schedule an Executive.

    If you need to move the product to Inventory or to send to In-House servicing or to send to supplier for replacement, click on the Move Product to Inventory check-box.

    If you clicked “Move Product to Inventory” then “Assign New Schedule” block will be hidden.

    1. Move Product to In-House
      – If you checked� Move Product to In-House then you can schedule an In-House service engineer to look into the defect.
      Please view on how to schedule an Executive.
    2. Make available to send to Supplier
      – If you checked� Make available to send to Supplier then products are available to send to� supplier outward entry.
  8. If you want to send an email to customer regarding the complaint registration, click� Send Email check-box.

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