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Learn how to create Goods Receipt Note (GRN)?

Steps Explained

  1. Menu Link:Inventory -> GRN
  2. Products received from suppliers against Purchase Orders, will be entered here. Products added here will reflect in Inventory used in Stock Adjustment, Warehouse transfer, Stores Request, Sales, Direct Sales, Service store request, etc.,
  3. Select Location from drop-down list.
  4. Enter Invoice No.
  5. Click here to search Purchase Order.
  6. Select purchase order from the above screen display.
  7. Enter received Quantity for the products.
  8. For products with serial no., enter serial numbers in the box provided for serial number entry. You can also use bar-code readers to read bar-code into the textarea. Separate the serial numbers by using Enter or , (comma).
  9. If you have received defective products, you can click on “Add Defective” icon to make the received product as defective. Defective products can be sent back to supplier using Purchase Return page.
    Click here to save GRN Details.

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