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Learn how to manage Enquiries for Executives?

Steps Explained

  1. Menu Link:Enquiry -> Enquiry List
  2. This list / report is for executives who can view their own enquiries and unscheduled enquiries. Executive can Set Schedule, Update an Follow Up, View the Enquiry, Make Stores Request, Create Quotation from this report.
  3. Search for enquires based on Date range, Enquiry Status, Enquiry Type, Enquiry From and keyword.
  4. Click on the blue button for options available for that enquiry. Some options may not show depending upon the enquiry status and follow up status.
  5. The options are :
    Edit Enquiry (How to add Enquiry?),
    Set Schedule (How to Set Schedule for an enquiry?),
    Update Follow Up (How to update Follow Up?),
    Go to Quotation (How to create Quotation?),
    Stores Request (How to create Stores Request?),
    View Enquiry.
  6. Win Status of List,
    Won – indicates that enquiry of the product was sold.
    Process – indicates that enquiry of the product was In Process.
    Lost – indicates that enquiry of the product was dropped.