Jo owns a Sales Enterprise by the name JK Water Solutions, dealing in RO systems for corporates. He has been in the business for a year and a half now. Recently Jo forayed into the water softener solutions, and is focusing on the Hotels market.

Jo believes in delivering highest customer satisfaction. Also he believes in the fact that a Customer Complaint is a business opportunity. He particularly feels the importance of regular and consistent follow-ups on complaints. Billing customers for the complaints needs careful attention and transparency. Joe wanted a clear demarcation of what is chargeable and what is not. Also he insists of a clear estimation of all items that go into complaint resolution.

Also Jo wants to create a transparent automated system for complaint resolution. Then Jo took the recommendation of his supplier and got a Sales2Service ERP Solution. And from then on, there was no looking back.

What has changed for Jo now?

  • Jo and his Team have now set standards of what complaint qualifies as chargeable or not.
  • There is a correct estimation of all expenses involved in the complaint resolution.
  • All cost components like transportation, replacement part expenses, labour charges and any other related expense, are now appropriately included.
  • Bill of the same is instantly generated.
  • The same bill can be speed emailed from the software itself.
  • All these has made Jo and his venture very transparent and precise. Clients are reportedly satisfied with the transparency in the process.