Jo owns a Sales Enterprise by the name JK Water Solutions, dealing in RO systems for corporates. He has been in the business for a year and a half now. Recently Jo forayed into the water softener solutions, and is focusing on the Hotels market. With a sales team of 10 sales men, 3 lead generators and 3 customer service telecallers, Jo has an aim of reaching out to the hotels, service apartments and resorts in the territory.

Jo is keeping really worried about the lead conversions. So far, Jo has been managing enquiries and follow-ups in the Excel sheets. But off late, he has realized that enquiries are not followed up adequately. The Conversion rate is at an alarming rate of 5%. He knew that it is all about managing enquiries to the point that they result into a sale.

Then Jo took the recommendation of his supplier and got a Sales2Service ERP Solution. And from then on, there was no looking back.

What has changed for Jo now?

  • Jo can now keep a track of all enquiries at one place. He is able to constantly monitor the status of the enquiries.
  • Jo and his Team now look at each enquiry in isolation, the actions taken to keep the lead warm and build strategies to manage and convert the lead.
  • Jo tracks the quotations sent, discounts offered and lead status for each account.
  • The team can now create a Schedule for Follow-Up for each account by allocating Executives to each account, date and time plan and also allocate alternative Executives based on availability of the employees.
  • Now Jo and his Team are working hard towards lead conversion, and they can already see a progress.