Jo owns a Sales Enterprise by the name JK Water Solutions, dealing in RO systems for corporates. He has been in the business for a year and a half now. Recently Jo forayed into the water softener solutions, and is focusing on the Hotels market. With a sales team of 10 sales men, 3 lead generators and 3 customer service telecallers, Jo has an aim of reaching out to the hotels, service apartments and resorts in the territory.

Jo is keeping really worried about the follow-up of the leads. So far, Jo has been managing enquiries and follow-ups in the Excel sheets. He and his team used to send quotations through emails and then email responses were tracked continuously. It was not a big deal in the beginning when the quotations sent could be counted on fingertips. Now, with the rise in the numbers, he wants a constant update on the number of quotes sent, who sent them, what is the client’s response on the quote, is the quote being revised, response on the revised quote and so on and so forth.

Then Jo took the recommendation of his supplier and got a Sales2Service ERP Solution. And from then on, there was no looking back.

What has changed for Jo now?

  • Jo has now a complete record of the quotations sent, to whom they were sent, the status of the enquiry and can even view the quote at the exact same spot.
  • He is able to check the status of the quotation, if its approved, unapproved or disapproved.
  • Jo can make revisions in the quotations and send them back.
  • He is able to send emails of the quotations from the system, and can also cc it to more than one other concerned heads.
  • Jo likes the way the quotation statuses are colour coded. It helps him to act instantly.
  • What Jo likes a lot is many of his leads and/or clients do not want the quotation procedure to be time consuming and they give verbal nods. Jo can bypass the quotation approval phase in such cases and take the enquiry to order level.