Jo owns a Sales Enterprise by the name JK Water Solutions, dealing in RO systems for corporates. He has been in the business for a year and a half now. Recently Jo forayed into the water softener solutions, and is focusing on the Hotels market. With a sales team of 10 sales men, 3 lead generators and 3 customer service telecallers, Jo has an aim of reaching out to the hotels, service apartments and resorts in the territory.

Jo and his Team pursue Post Sales Service with utmost care. Thereby they have one person dedicated to monitor service contracts. However, off late, Jo started offering Service contracts as a distinct offer even for RO Systems that were brought from other agencies. Jo wanted an automated system for tracking service contracts, their expiry period, reminders and overall management.

Then Jo took the recommendation of his supplier and got a Sales2Service ERP Solution. And from then on, there was no looking back.

What has changed for Jo now?

  • Jo can now track all the service contracts at one point, be they be from direct sales or other service contracts.
  • They are able to manage all contracts on timely basis.
  • There are service intervals set for each product and for each service contract type.
  • Each contract gets a status update based on the service date, next service date and also a follow-up action for each.
  • Jo can categorize the service contracts based on the client, like individual, corporate, Hotels and even government departments.
  • With no additional expense on staff, Jo is able to very efficiently manage service contracts since he had Sales2Service.