Jo owns a Sales Enterprise by the name JK Water Solutions, dealing in RO systems for corporates. He has been in the business for a year and a half now. Recently Jo forayed into the water softener solutions, and is focusing on the Hotels market. With a sales team of 10 sales men, 3 lead generators and 3 customer service telecallers, Jo has an aim of reaching out to the hotels, service apartments and resorts in the territory.

Jo is facing a major concern in managing the enquiries that he generates from multiple sources like email marketing, customer referrals, through the website and through the sales team’s cold calling actions. So far, Jo has been managing enquiries in the Excel sheets. But off late, Jo has realized that many enquiries are going unnoticed. He is also not able to track the status of each variant, product category and specific leads.

He has to do a lot of scrolling and travelling through the sheets. Also to get a compiled view, each document is broken into multiple documents, which further adds on to the confusion. To top that, Jo is not able to track individual performances of each of these sales team person.

Jo felt that this was nothing, but CHAOS.
Jo thought, if only, there was something that could fix this all!!!

Then Jo took the recommendation of his supplier and got a Sales2Service ERP Solution. And then Jo witnessed a complete changeover.

What has changed for Jo now?

  • Now, every enquiry is recorded with an Enquiry Number, Enquiry Status, and Enquirer’s important information.
  • Jo allocates an Executive with each enquiry so that communication is never lost.
  • Now Jo can also track the source that is getting him the most enquiries. He now knows where to spend for promotions.
  • Jo and his Team are now able to build records by account name, product category, location, enquiry number, lead status, follow-up and much more.
  • Jo can now easily manage and control Follow-Ups at all times.
  • Jo can now set a Follow-Up schedule for each account by allocating the dates for lead warm-up, record the remarks of the executives and track status regularly.
  • Jo is finally able to build detailed information list for each lead adding any and every information regarding the client. He is able to make the right communication with his clients based on this information.
  • Jo’s work is made lot easier by giving the concerned authority from the Client’s side, an access to the ERP. Auto generated notification mails are sent to the client. And his client are just loving the speed with which work flows.