How to change the serial number for a product inside a contract?

  Click here to view the demo video     Menu Link: Service -> Contract List To change the serial number, go to the Service menu and click the ‘Contract List’ menu from the dropdown Click on “Change Product” menu on the “Set” action menu (against the contract you want to make the change) On the new page, you could change the serial number of the product. The serial number cannot be changed, if the […]

How to manage / renew Expired Contracts for admin

Menu: Service -> Expired Contracts Employees with Admin role can only view this page. Admins will be able to search and view contracts locked to their location. Admins can contracts created by the executives in their location. Only Super Admin can search all locations and view contracts created by all employees. Contract that will expire in next 30 days and those contracts expired in last 60 days can only be searched and viewed. More resources […]