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How to create new Contract

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Learn how to create new Contract?

Steps Explained

  1. Menu Link --> Service -> Contract Entry
  2. Search and select exiting customer by clicking “Search” button (see image below) or add New Customer by clicking “New” button .
  3. After selecting customer, product details entry will be shown.
  4. To add multiple products click “New” button in Product area.
  5. To update start and expiry dates of multiple products, click “Click here to change date” link.
  6. To view price details of a entered product, click “View” button of corresponding product.
  7. To add bulk product details, click “Bulk Product” button
  8. Multiple serial numbers of a product can be added by using “Enter” or “,” to separate the serial numbers.
  9. Click “Save” button to create Contract for the products added.

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