How to change the product status

Menu Link:Product -> change product status To change the product status, goto product and click ‘change product status’ menu from the dropdown Choose location and product type which is need to change the product status After choose the product category and select it. Now it shows the selected list Click the button to change to defective Now it appear on the defective product status Change the steps vice versa for update defective to normal More […]

How to add Product Category details

The price category is used for having multiple price slabs for a single product. A product will have a Purchase Price by default. It will also have a Sales Price. But apart from that it could also have a Dealer Price, Special Customer Price, Festival Season Price, etc. You could create a template for the price category using the Price Category page. It could be accessed via Product >> Price Category menu. More resources How […]

How to add a new Product

Menu: Product -> Add Product Enter product name and relevant details. If “Is serial Number mandatory” check box is checked, Product Inventory is managed based on serial numbers only. Enter root price and click the set button to calculate pricing details based on Price Categories. How to add related products?:- Select category to auto populate product models. Select required product models and then click right arrow button to appear product on right side box. Enter […]

How to add Branches or Locations

You could have multiple locations or branches for your firm. Each branch can have its own employees or executives, separate inventory, sales and service information. The documents generated like Invoice, Quotation, Estimates, etc would have the address and billing information of the branch. It is really simple to add multiple branches. Using your Super admin login, go to your Control panel. Click on “Company” >> “Add Branch Location” and enter the relevant information about your […]

Zone Master – How to add and use it

Menu Link:Company -> Add Zone You could create Zones, which will be used to assign your executives as well as your Leads and Customers. When you need to assign an Executive for followup, then the zone would be useful, at that time. For example, if you have a zones called North Zone, East Zone, West Zone, South Zone and Central Zone. An executive called John Doe is assigned to North and Central zones. A prospective […]

How to add Employees or Staff

Menu Link:Company -> Add Employee You could add any number of employees or executives. But only a limited amount of them can have login access. It depends upon the type of package you had purchased.If you have 2 Locations and 20 Login license, then you could have only 20 employees who can login. But you can have thousands of employees added to your data. If you don’t want the employee to have login access, then […]

How to add an Authorized Person

Menu Link:Company -> Add Authorized Person You need to add an authorized person for certain documents to be created, like sales quotation, sales invoice, etc. You can create as many authorized person as you like. Just make sure you have the scanned copy of the signature of the person, for the digital copy of documents. Select employee role and name. Then upload authorized signature as an image. Finally Click “Save” button to add authorized signature […]

Adding Product Brand Information

Menu Link:Product -> Add Brand You need to add Brands for all the products that you need to add to BudgetERP. This is necessary to add Products. Enter Brand Name and relevant details. The check-box, “Is Active” is checked by default. If you don’t need a brand information in the future, you can edit the brand and uncheck the “Is Active” check-box and make the brand inactive. More resources How to edit / delete Brand […]

How to add your Company Info

Menu Link:Company -> Company Info Enter Company Name, contact mail address and company website URL. Choose logo and footer images to upload. Click save button to update all the details. You could see the preview of the images you had uploaded. More resources How to add / edit / delete Customer Type How to edit / delete existing Customer / Contact Details How to download / backup Customer details

How to add Customer / Contact Details

Menu Link:Enquiry -> Add Contact You need to enter the Company or Individual person’s details, which would be needed in the transaction screens. Most of the fields are self explanatory. The email address is a mandatory field for all the contact persons. If your contact does not have an email, please set your own dummy email address. There is a check-box for “Can Login” for each contacts. Right now we do not have an interface […]

How to add standard complaint remarks

Menu Link:Service -> Add Complaint Remarks Standard Complaint remarks works as a master. Staffs can create complaints easily. No need to type regular kind to defects again and again. It is mandatory to select Complaint remarks while creating complaints Enter Complaint Remarks Name for this category. Enter the detailed standard complaint remarks . Make sure that the “Is Active” check box is checked, then only the complaint remarks will be available in Complaint Page. More […]

How to add Service Interval

Menu Link:Service -> Service Interval Interval (Time period) between two consecutive preventive maintenance service visits. If a maintenance contract is made between customer and company with Quarterly service period, the “Service -> Upcoming PM List” report lines up the contract details when the next service date is due within 7 days from today. Click on Edit link in the list below to edit any Service Interval . Click on Delete link in the list below […]

How to add a new Supplier

Menu Link:Company -> Add Supplier Supplier details added here are needed while creating Purchase Orders, Purchase order Return, Supplier Outward in Service module. Enter supplier Company Name and relevant details. Fill supplier contact address. Make sure that the check box is checked, if the billing address is same with contact address. How to add supplier contact? Steps:- Fill up contact details as required. Make sure the Mail check box is checked for whom mail will […]

How to edit / delete Brand details?

Menu Link:Product -> Brand List How to delete Brand details? Click delete link to delete particular Brand details. Then make sure that you click either ‘OK’ to delete or ‘cancel’ button in confirm alert message. How to edit Brand details? Click Edit link to edit an already existing Brand details. The brand information is displayed in the brand page. You could edit the brand information in that page. More resources What is the need for […]